So you have decided that having a workspace is necessary for you, and ready to discover options. Great! Welcome to WQO. We have the solution for you.

What do you mean by Unlimited Plan?

Unlimited Plan basically means you have no limit in a month for using your desk access. From Monday to Sunday, from the first day of the month to the last day. You are able to come in, get yourself a drink and dive into the tasks you have. You will have access to the internet connection, free drinks, and member add-ons & events.

What is included in this plan?

You will have the following at no additional cost:

- Business mail address
- Mail pickup from the reception
- Meeting room - 1 hour / month
- Full member discounts for additional meeting room hours & private office bookings
- Access to member add-ons
- Access to member special events

Do I have to book each time before I arrive at WQO?

No! Unlimited Plan means you are the community member. And for us, the member means the owner of the place too. You come whenever you want, and you will have your desk waiting for you.

Still have questions in mind? Send us an email at [email protected] and we will be so happy to help you out.

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