Reimagine the way you work

Worry-free and all-in one solutions.

Great Location

Wonderful location with access to public transport, cafes, restaurants, pubs and shops under 5 minutes.

Lounge Access

The real feeling of being a part of a community. Socialize, make deals, learn and teach. All for growing together.

Full Admin Services

From tech support to welcoming your guests, we are here to help and cover your needs.

Top-Speed Internet

Enjoy the top-speed internet, never lose time and always ready to go.

Print, Scan & Fax

With certain plans, receive print station credits. Sort things easily, and get all your documents with one click.

Meeting Spaces

Comfortable seating, large screen, whiteboards and catering options. Take your meeting to a next level.

Full Privacy

Frosted glass walls, private network setup, 100% confidential agreements.

Private Booths

You may never know when you will need a total privacy, even when you are with your team. Go, get in a private booth and sort things out.

Free Drinks

24/7, whenever you need. Grab a cup of coffee or your favourite tea and dive in to responsibilities!

Sit & Stand Desks

Supported with ergonomic charis, enjoy the sit & stand desks in your private office.

24/7 Access

Get in and do not let that creativity go away! Access anytime you want.

WQO Resident Community

Being a community gives you more than a working space. Receive a helping hand, and sometimes be the hand itself.

Shower On Site

Have to freshen up quickly before making your next meeting? No worries. Use our showers on the building, and always keep up with your time.

Visitor Management

Make your visitors happy! We will welcome them, make sure that they enjoy their visit until you take over and make them reach their guest chairs in your office space.

Bicycle Storage

Are you a cycler? So you will really enjoy the morning rides to WQO! Use your bicycle to start your day, and keep it secure at the bicycle locker room.

Solutions for your real needs

Check out yourself. Book a tour today.

Private Offices

Shared office spaces provide you a great chance of networking, creating connections and broadining your leads. Either you are a self-employed blogger or a free-lancer. Networking is the key for success.

At West Quay Offices, you will be getting a private room of yours, top-speed internet, fully brand-new furnitures, access to member benefits, communnity boards and events.

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Meeting Spaces

Best solution for executive or bigger team meetings.You will be provided with unlimited tea, coffee and filtered water. On-demand, we will provide you catering and extra drink options as well.

Enjoy the high-speed internet, comfortable seating and large flat screen for your presentations. As customizable as it gets, we will listen your needs carefully and provide you the solutions.

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Virtual offices for great impacts.

Want to learn more? Ask us how.

Virtual Offices

Modern world requires speed and dedication. It is hard to catch up with everything when you are just trying to focus on your business. So we are here to help.

From mailbox rental to having your own phoneline, virtual plans are great for those who look for flexibility, a professional outlook and a business identity that they will proudly display.

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Membership Plans

To be part of the West Quay Offices community, you do not have to have a private office plan! Choose from day to day visits to weekly desk access. All tailored for your momentary needs.

Connect with others, work on your job and focused well. Have your coffee/tea and dive into the tasks. Whenever you need it, we will do our best to locate you in a great spot!

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Make your business grow

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