What is the Startup Plan?

Here at WQO, we are trying to give you the best value for your dollars. So we came up with a plan that suits many who look for a flexible work schedule & location. Please, let us introduce you WQO - Startup Plan.

This plan includes 4-day access to WQO work lounge area. You pick your dates, we provide you the solution. You can either use your days in a row, once in each week or however and whatever fits for you. You will have access to the internet connection, free drinks & member events. And one of the best perks, let us provide you a mailing address!

Professional Mailing Address

We know sometimes it is really important to give a good impression when it comes to your clients. With the professional mail add-on, which is directly included in your Startup Plan membership, you will be able to provide a business address to your startup. We will accept the mail, sort it and make it ready for you to just come to the reception and pick it up.

What are the other benefits?

Thanks to being a community member of West Quay Offices, you will have many benefits that our private office members have. You will have discounts for special member add-ons like printing, meeting room bookings and even you will have an extra 20% off if you want to book a desk on top of your monthly 4-day access. All in one solution for everyone.

Still have questions in mind? Shoot us an email at [email protected] and we will be glad to help!

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